Investment criteria

EDFI ElectriFI clients have to comply with pre-defined impact targets, high business integrity standards, and are expected to reach profitability within 3 years following ElectriFI investment.

  • On-grid or off-grid renewable energy generation or distribution project, creating or improving access to electricity by adding new connections and/or increasing renewable generation capacity.
  • Early stage prospects, but no seed capital or pilot phase. Any investment must be financially viable with a clear path to profitability.
  • Proven additionality and catalyst role vs sponsors and/or other investors; funding should not exceed 50% of the total funding round or project costs.
  • Commitment to high standards in terms of environmental and social requirements as well as governance, tax, reputation and KYC standards.
  • Renewable and sustainable energy technology.
  • Privately held, for-profit counterpart located in (or proceeds to be used in) a country on the DAC list and obliging by EU tax regulations.
  • Credible professional track-record, strong commitment and a capacity to deliver.
  • Alignment of interest by substantial participation of the Sponsor in the equity of the company/project.
  • Replicability and scalability, especially for corporate investments or innovative business models.
  • Demonstrated impact through number of new connections of beneficiaries, generation capacity, greenhouse gas avoidance, employment, etc.


EDFI ElectriFI investment process consists of a two-stage investment committee approval, including an in-depth legal, technical, financial and market due diligence, through both desktop study and field visit. EDFI ElectriFI Investment Committee includes members of the European DFIs and the European Commission.

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