ElectriFI is managed by a team of experienced investment professionals, based in Brussels.

Dominiek Deconinck

ElectriFI Manager

Quentin Antoine

Géraldine Crosset

(on maternity leave)

Jean-Denis Collin

Florence Lefebvre

Liesbet Mijlemans

Marcus Rother

Natalia Svarinska

Gemma Verhoeven

The investment team benefits from back-office support from EDFI Management Company experts and management

Frederik Van Den Bosch

Managing Director

Josyane Costa

Front Office Assistant

Els Dalle

Office Manager

Sebastiaan De Vries

Chief Financial Officer

Luciana Gaspar

Sustainability and Impact Officer

Mathilde Poncelet

Communications Specialist

Mimsy Van Bokkelen

Senior Legal Counsel & Compliance

Dimitry Van Raemdonck

Manager AgriFI