Country Windows


A EUR 5 million country window dedicated to the Beninese renewable energy market.

ElectriFI will focus on new and improved connections to electricity for populations living principally in rural, under-served or unreliably-served areas.

Why Benin?

85% of the country’s electricity consumption is answered by imports from Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire and Nigeria, in spite of its huge and untapped renewable energy potential. Studies shave demonstrated that off-grid electrification technologies such as mini-grids and stand-alone PV systems play a vital role in providing electricity to people of Benin, especially in rural areas. In order to achieve affordable, universal electricity access, 10-50% of the newly connected population rely on off-grid technologies, mainly based on solar PV. ElectriFI country window will support investors and entrepreneurs active in the renewable energy market but also to catalyse new sources of funding.

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